Best Japan Pearl Shop's Commitment

For the Hanadama pearls, we only pick the very rare and popular white-pink series pearls and do not pick those mixed with orange-pink and cream color, because these colors look like spoiled products.

Of course, we also check that each pearl is in perfect shape.
We strictly select only pearls with few cracks, fissures or bumps on the surface of the pearls.

If the growth cycle of the pearl in the shell is shorter, the nacre layer inside the stranded pearl will be thinner (thin winding), so it has less luster, it will deteriorate over time, and it can easily turn tp orange cream color.
We select pearls that are 0.4mm or larger and only select high quality pearls that have long grown in the shell. Pearls with a nacre of 0.4 mm or more are the standard for high-quality luster in Hanadama pearl.

In addition, the serial number written on the certificate of identification is engraved in the hardware or pendant of the necklace. So it is guaranteed authenticity by serial number matching.